The Forgotten Education

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their own dreams”-Eleanor Roosevelt

So eloquently put by former first lady, this quote puts a spotlight on one aspect of education at Riverside. There are so many parts of education, teaching, extracurricular, listening, activity, parent relations, homework, and the list goes on and on. The issue is, what is the focus of all of this work and collaboration? Many would say that the focus of education is to get kids to college. Others would say that the goal of education is to prepare a child for a job or career. Still others believe that spiritual and emotional growth is the ultimate goal. All these things are part of the story, they are all important to what education is all about everywhere and especially at Riverside.

There is one thing that is often left out. In some ways this one thing is so important and the fact that if it is left out schools truly are failing at giving the education they promise. This one thing is the promotion of dreams! At first this sounds like very new age, hippy-dippy nonsense but give it time, and then read the quote from Mrs. Roosevelt.

If educators and parents are teaching students to spout facts and require rote memorization alone, essentially we are programming robots. There is a place for memorization, but it is small in comparison to the importance of inspiring kids to think, dream, and learn on their own.  Therefore it is this idea, not ground breaking but novel idea, that inspires many of the things that go on at Riverside. From students editing the Beacon, to classroom events like the Junior High Wax Museum. With small classes, teachers are more able to inspire dreaming; dreaming of possibilities, dreaming of creative solutions.

Schools cannot control the environment from which their students come, but they can control how they leave. At Riverside, the hope is that each student will leave changed and inspired to follow their dreams!

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