Riverside Christian School is a faith based mission in the hills of southeastern Kentucky. Since its establishment in 1906, Riverside has provided a quality education and safe environment for students and community members. To find out more about our history and our Alumni events browse the following tabs. You can also test your knowledge of Riverside by checking out the fun facts listed below. Keep an eye out for more Riverside facts and quizzes to come! Always know that the most important thing “About Us” is that Riverside is a place for personal, spiritual, and emotional growth.  If we can help you or your child with any of those areas please contact our office to inquire.  (606)666-2359 or riverside@riversidechristian.org


Test yourself…How much do you know about Riverside?

Did you know that the pavilion on campus was the original sight of a church and school?

Did you know that there is a log cabin on campus which was built as a bicentennial project?

Did you know that newlyweds, George and Ada Drushal, who founded the school originally planned only to plant a church?

Did you know that longtime administrator and teachers Doran and Nancy Hostetler came to Riverside on their honeymoon…and stayed for life!

Did you know that the name of the school was originally Riverside Institute?

Did you know that the president of the school after George Drushal was a Lost Creek, Kentucky native, Dr. Harold Barnett?

Did you know that the Drushal’s daughter Adah, also served at Riverside?

Did you know that the Drushal’s traveled by horse to the nearest town, Jackson, to take part in community events?

Did you know that Riverside was originally a boarding school with local students and students from all over the country, but we no longer have boarding students?

Did you know that Riverside has grades from Kindergarten through 12th grade and the elementary grades are grouped by 2s?

Did you know that Riverside’s gym is transformed at Graduation time to create an extra-special atmosphere for graduates?

Did you know that many Riverside teachers live on the campus of the school?

Did you know the Lower Lights singing group has traveled to over 4 states to sing praises to the Lord in recent years?

Did you know that Riverside is located between Jackson and Hazard and is 90 miles from Lexington?

Did you know that Riverside has experienced several floods that have damaged the gym, maintenance building, and other buildings on campus. The worst of the floods was in 1984, this flood even rose into teacher’s homes?

Did you know that teachers made $30 a month in the 1970’s and today teachers are making $400 a month?  Our teachers have a heart for what they do.  They’re not “in it for the money!”  They want to make a difference in our students’ lives

Did you know that tuition at Riverside is $95 a month?