Purpose: Keeping in line with the philosophy of education, mission, and vision of Riverside Christian School we seek to provide teaching outside the classroom that will provide the spiritual formation and character development of each and every student through weekly chapel installations. Chapel services are designed to provide biblical instruction as well as encourage spiritual expression through song, scripture reading, and memorization. By allowing both students and staff to participate, we hope that Chapel will foster an environment of accountability and vulnerability that is not easily achieved in a classroom setting.

Time: Every Monday and Wednesday for 45 minutes

Schedule: Each chapel service begins in the gym with announcements made by teachers followed by worship also lead by staff. Prayer is included by the worship leader and our speaker is invited to come up, share a word, and lead activities to enhance the message. The time is ended with prayer and students are dismissed.

There are two different chapel services, one for the elementary (kindergarten-sixth grade), and another service for middle school and high school.


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