Lower Lights



Purpose: Lower Lights is an extracurricular and voluntary activity offered to all students and faculty who enjoy praising the LORD with singing. Lower Lights is useful for teaching time management skills, enhancing singing ability, encouraging music education in the lives of students, and allowing students of all ages to fellowship once a week. Lower Lights also serves as a public relations tool for the school since the Lower Lights are out singing in the community and in other states.

Mission: It is the mission of Lower Lights to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in song. It is the hope of Riverside Christian School that Lower Lights is a shining example of our school and of themselves. Lower Lights is not just for children who have natural singing ability but for any student who is willing to serve the Lord and serve others through song.  Psalm 40:3 puts the mission of Lower Lights perfectly when the psalmist says: “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him.”

Activities: Lower Lights meets once every week to sing and practice for any upcoming program. The Lower Lights usually perform at the Thanksgiving dinner held every year for parents. They have also performed in the Christmas program, as well as organizing their own programs. The Lower Lights have often taken part in singing engagements throughout the year at various churches in the area. Each spring the Lower Lights take an interstate tour to churches outside of Kentucky. This is usually a weekend trip when the Lower Lights perform in several different churches to larger audiences.


Concert Information:

If you would like the Lower Lights to sing at your church please contact the Director, Kathy Keck at the school : 606-666-2359