Simply Blessed

Waking up in the morning, slinging your feet over the side of the bed in a hazy attempt to get up and start your day. You may eat breakfast, preparing whatever happens to be easiest or close by. Then off to get yourself ready, by changing into something appropriate for work or school, fixing our hair to look just right, and some women take the time to make themselves look a little more presentable to world by applying make-up. Once you’re ready, and everyone else is ready, you pile into the family vehicle to take everyone to their destination, whether its work, school, to the babysitters, to a friend’s house, etc. Hold up just a second. During the madness of the morning rush to get ready, did you take any time to talk to God? Did you forget about Him? He didn’t forget about you. How do I know this? You were able to get up this morning and carry on your morning routine. God saw fit to wake you up because He has something for you to do today.

In the madness of the morning, it’s easy to forget about making time for God. It’s easy to not talk to Him or even think about Him during our day. There are even sometimes when we go, not just one day, but days without saying as much as a “Hi” to God. How does that make God feel? God doesn’t forget about us. He allows us to wake up, He allows us to take another breath, He allows us to carry on simple activities such as eat breakfast, or change clothes. This may seem like little things, which many of us take for granted every day. We do these things without thinking about them. However, there are people who woke up this morning, but someone else fed them, someone else dresses them, and someone else has to give them baths. These people are not just in other countries, but they are right here America; they are people who we may even know.

A blessing isn’t always something that is huge, or jaw-dropping, but a blessing can be something as simple as being able to breath without using an oxygen tank. Little things like these can add up to big things, but our vision becomes blinded by the distractions of this world. As Christians and as the creation of the almighty Creator, we need to learn to appreciate the little things that are the little blessings God grants us every day. We need to learn to make time for God, even if it’s while you’re brushing your teeth or driving the car. Just make time to thank God for the little things he has allowed you to do so far, talk to Him about whatever is on your mind. God wants us to come to him with whatever we have, because He loves enough to listen, He loves us enough to wake us up, He loved us enough to give His only Son to die for us. God is willing and waiting for us to talk to Him, we just have to learn that the little blessings that happen in our lives, didn’t happen by accident and we have God to thank for them.

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