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Admissions & Enrollment

Enrollment Process

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1. Fill out application

2. Review Handbook

3. Return application to the school

4. School will contact you for an interview

5. Complete paperwork

Costs & Subsidies



Tuition: $95 per month

(discount per sibling who attends)

Book Fee: $50 per semester 

Lunch: $20 per month

Insurance Fee: $10 per year

*Tuition Assistance is available*

  An application for assistance can be requested at the student's interview.

Tuition Assistance


Riverside Christian School is a faith-based institution and is not funded by the state. Students pay a monthly tuition of $95.00. We recognize that sometimes this amount is too much for some families to pay, but it is our desire that any student who would like to attend Riverside Christian is not prohibited due to a financial burden. For this reason, we offer tuition assistance to students that apply and meet certain criteria.


If you are interested in receiving tuition assistance, please request an application from the front office. 

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