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Our Community Partnerships

We appreciate your gift and couldn't do it without you.



Your Gift Has An Impact!

Meet Rylan! He was able to attend Riverside, get individualized structured support and received several awards at the end of the school year! We are so proud of Rylan and love being able to provide support to the students and families we serve. His mother Jessica stated, "I'm thankful for Riverside and the guidance my kids receive from each staff member. In a world of chaos, confusion and instability - kids are often influenced in the wrong direction. With them being at Riverside I have this great peace knowing they will be led to greatness".

Your gift makes this possible! 

Thank You Donors!

Teegarden First Brethren Church
Roanoke Brethren Church
Judy Combs
James Donahoo
Ken & Peggy Briner
Kentucky River Properties, Inc
William & Tammie Rodgers III
Douglas & Lisa Rice
First Brethren Church of Oakville
Susan Webb
Ann & Thomas Griffin
Murl & Rhonda Kimmel
Raystown Brethren Church
Larry & Cindy Gray
Richard White
Virginia (Gini) Peterson
Our Church in the Mountains
Duane & Lori Harman
Mack & Meg Asher
Ernie & Bea Roberts
Lee Roy & Betty Roark
Robert & Judith Heying
Leon Shank
First Century Church of Metz
Vinco Brethren Church
Ryan & Lisa Bedtelyon
Foundation of Appalachian Kentucky
Joe & Kelly Craft
The Duff Family Coal Foundation
Raystown Brethren Church
East Fairview Mennonite Church
Gretna Brethren Church

Dennis Dietrich
Carol Massey
Ray & Carol Shepherd
Bill & Sherrie Bowin
Pamela Sacherman
South Bend First Brethren Church
Lanark First Brethren Church (Neoma Circle)
The Well Church Sunday School
Waterbrook Brethren Church
James R & Florence Deaton Trust
Muncie First Brethren Church
Keith & Jane Hunsberger
St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox Church
Milford First Brethren
Cornerstone Christian School, Inc. 
North Manchester First Brethren Church
Frankie & Carolyn Derflinger
Richard & Grace Grubaugh
Ameriprise Financial
The Frankfort Christian Academy 

Mitch & Karen Hansel
Greenwood Mennonite School

Dutchtown Brethren Church
First Brethren Church of Huntington
James & Bonnie Ringler
Dr. John & Stephanie Jones
Association of Christian Schools International
Hunt Brothers Pizza

John & Connie Wells
Burlington First Brethren Church
Memorial Church
Ardmore Brethren Church
Rebecca Strong
Denise G. Morris
Ed & Sonia Cattoi
Lone Pine Baptist Church
Brendon Miller
Highland Brethren Church
Janna Youngen
Ken Foltz
Sharon R. Baker

Lutz Carpentry LLC
Dr. Harold E & Doris K Barnett
Midwest Region WMS Ladies
Stuart James Family
James P. Ellison
Joel & Erin Swinteck
Mexico First Brethren Church
Doug & Peg Miller
William Ricketts Jr.
Benny Ray & Nikki Bailey Foundation
The Rotary Club of Pikeville

Marilyn Jestes
Ollie J. Miller
Barry & Tonya Martin
United Way of SE Kentucky
The Brethren Church
Go Time

John Hoppe
Gratis First Brethren Church
First Church of God

Mary Ann Swihart
Crossway Vineyard Church
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