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Riverside has a vision and mission that extends over generations and decades,  serving thousands of students and families. Through fervent dedication, steadfast faithfulness in Christ, and a unified Kingdom mindset; Riverside is a beloved beacon of hope, love and light in the Hills of Eastern Kentucky.  We strive to carry on the mission; to make and train disciples of Christ.


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Restore. Rebuild. Relocate.

      “As Old Troublesome Doth Glide Past Our Dear Riverside...” These are the first words to the chorus of Riverside’s school song, so beautiful and fitting. Riverside Christian School and Troublesome Creek have coexisted in relative peace and harmony for 116 years. Occasionally Troublesome Creek will live up to its name and will overflow its banks. Some may remember the floods of 1984 and 2009. Nothing could have prepared us for the flooding we would receive in 2021 and 2022.

      On March 1, 2021, Riverside was hit with a flood which we had not seen in forty years. After hard work and generous giving, we were about completely recovered when the Riverside community was hit with catastrophic flooding on July 28, 2022.  Many were caught by surprise which led to thirty-nine deaths in the surrounding area. Fifteen staff and volunteers were rescued by boat. The damage left behind was unbelievable and too great to describe. Once again, with hard work and generous donations, Riverside was able to open its doors on September 19, 2022. 

      We are thrilled to announce that we have the opportunity to relocate Riverside School to a building 1/4 mile down the road, which would ensure Riverside be safe from future flooding.

      If we have learned anything through these floods, it is that our God is good and faithful and that his people are generous through both their time and resources. Riverside has come a long way since July, 2022 but we are far from the finish line.

      Your gift will allow us to have the ability to grow our current student and staff capacity ten-fold, give us a cafeteria that is fully equipped to serve and feed children, allow us to re-institute our athletic programming, have a resource center to serve spiritual, physical, mental health and academic needs, as well as, a community park.


We are working to Restore our campus and grounds back to its original beauty with a 3-acre community park. The 'Make a Smile' organization has committed to beginning the project in 2023.

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We are working to rebuild staff housing on higher ground.



We plan to relocate the school outside of the flood zone. Riverside has the opportunity to purchase a new school building, ¼ mile south from our current location. The Riverside community has undergone catastrophic flooding that has destroyed the grounds, parts of campus and the school itself. It is time to move Riverside Christian School to higher ground! Utilizing our current building is no longer a viable option for the use in the future. We want to steward the Riverside legacy and impact well by relocating to a permanent, safe, and sustainable location. The Riverside board, administration, staff, and students are unified in the endeavor to continue to be a beacon of light for Jesus Christ. 

We are asking for your partnership as we journey to raise $500,000. Your gift would make the continuation of the Riverside legacy possible.
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Your Gift Changes Lives...
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